Thursday, January 15, 2009

On The Road....Almost

Traveling must be the theme for lighting blogs today. DH over on Strobist is heading out for Central America. Meanwhile back at the CLS cave I am heading out on the road tomorrow to NY for Joe McNally's Dobbs Ferry Workshop on Monday. Those of you who know me know that I am super stoked about this. I owe Joe a beer for judging the first CLS contest (And yes I am still disappointed in the turn out for that). So Joe, first one's on me. On to travel...

DH shows how to cram everything into a Domke F2 (I swear those things are magic)for a compact travel bag. Me, I'm driving and don't have to limit myself as much. So I am taking my normal case for speedlights and my backpack. Now any of you who are going to Dobbs Ferry got the same info as me which stated, "You may want to bring a small kit with a speedlight." Now I figure small is relative and since Joe owns more speedlights then the rest of the world combined, that this should suffice as small. I actually am not taking any stands or umbrellas. The folks at Adorama and Bogen have us covered and then some. But in the mean time if you are just getting into CLS or photography in general you need to give thought to how you are going to carry all of your stuff. And trust me you will get more stuff, followed by more stuff, and then not only more stuff but bigger stuff. So give it some thought and plan ahead.

As for Dobbs Ferry, I will diligently take notes, pictures, and report back next week. And if you are bored until then click the picture to see some notes on what all is in the case.


Jeff Edwards said...

I really wanted to attend the class. Really envious. Keep us posted. Hey, can you put a widget to allow us to subscribe to your blog?


Dave McLane said...

Did I miss the name of the aluminum box with your stuff in it?